Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doha Bank – A One Stop Financial Service Provider?

Incorporated in 1978, Doha Bank is today the largest private commercial bank in the State of Qatar. It is listed on the Qatar stock exchange.

Doha Bank has branches in Dubai, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi and representatives offices in Frankfurt am Main, London, Istanbul, Seoul, Shanghai, Sidney, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Financial Performance

In times where most banks suffer, Doha Bank has experienced a good financial performance.

Return on equity is constantly above 15 %

Doha Bank's return on assets is over 2 %.

A net profit margin around 50 % and a leverage ratio of currently 7.4 complete the 
financial picture of the bank.

Likewise, the recent business performance of Doha Bank is remarkable: In 2011, net banking income and net income have grown by 11 and 18 % respectively.

Business Lines

Doha Bank operates in 6 business lines:

Retail Banking Group (RBG)

The retail banking group is meant to “provide the right products to the right customers at the right point of their financial life cycle”.

It focuses on

  • mobile banking and cooperation with mobile phone companies (mobile phone recharge vouchers, bill payment services, etc.),
  • on-line trading marketplaces such as Doha Sooq,
  • co-branded shopping credit cards, and
  • personal loans (cars, education, etc.).

Wholesale Banking Group (WBG)

The wholesale banking group comprises seven primary divisions:

  • Public sector finance
  • Corporate and commercial banking (the “growth engine of the bank”)
  • Small & medium enterprises (working capital finance, corporate term loans, cash management services, and trade financing)
  • Project finance
  • Mortgage finance & real estate services
  • Overseas operations
  • Private banking

Treasury and Investment Group (T&I)

This business line is responsible for selling foreign exchange treasury products and managing the bank's proprietary trading book and asset / liability gaps.

International Banking Group (IBG)

The international banking group

  • facilitates cross-border trade,
  • manages the bank's relationships with (currently 350) financial institutions globally, and
  • arranges loans and participates in syndicated loan facilities.

Islamic Banking

The Islamic banking segment has been discontinued since the end of 2011, following Qatar Central Bank's decision to separate Islamic banking and conventional banking.

Doha Bank Assurance

Established as a 100 % subsidiary, this business line completes the “one stop financial service provider” approach of Doha Bank.


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