Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dealogic Trade Finance Data – 2013 Overview

Dealogic is an organization that provides services to investment banks. In particular, it is known for its production of data sets for the banking industry. Here is a summary of its trade finance data for 2013.

Industry Total

Total Trade Financing

Total trade financing amounted to 124 BUSD in 2013. How much is 124 BUSD? To get an idea of the magnitude, keep in mind the following comparisons. Total trade financing in 2013

  • represents half of total lending by Chinese banks in 2012;
  • represents roughly 6 % of total Chinese merchandise exports in 2013;
  • corresponds approximately to Qatar’s total merchandise exports in 2013.

Over the four quarters of 2013, trade financings were pretty much evenly distributed.

ECA Financing

ECA financing totaled 71 BUSD in 2013. Again, to give you an idea about the significance of this number, consider the following comparisons. ECA financing in 2013

  • corresponds roughly to Iran's merchandise imports in 2013;
  • is about 3 % of total outstanding international claims of French Banks;
  • is only 0.35 % of the gross market value of the global OTC derivatives market on June 30, 2013.

ECA financing deals were evenly distributed over the four quarters of 2013.

Industry Distribution

Total Trade Financing

In 2013, top ten banks absorbed 50 % of the trade financing market. However, none of the top ten banks holds a particularly outstanding position. HSBC, JP Morgan, and Mitsubishi UFJ performed slightly better than other top ten banks.

ECA Financing

Compared to the entire trade financing market, the ECA financing market is more concentrated: Top 10 banks account for 56 % of the total value of ECA deals. Among the top 10 banks, the picture is the same as for total trade financing: No bank has an outstanding position; HSBC, JP Morgan, and Mitsubishi UFJ slightly distinguish themselves from the other players.

Number of Deals of Top Ten Banks

Total Trade Financing

727 deals closed in 2013. Q4 2013 has been particularly strong: 42 % of the deals of top 10 banks were closed by the end of the year. BBVA obviously experienced an exceptional fourth quarter.

ECA Financing

340 deals closed in 2013. Generally speaking, they are evenly distributed over the year; only Q3 has some more deals and accounts for 32 % of ECA deals signed by top ten banks in 2013.


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