Thursday, July 10, 2014

Exim Bank Conference 2014 – Visionary quotes and lessons in positive thinking

Exim Bank’s April 2014 conference was full of symbolic events and grandiose business language. On the one hand, this is good as it generates much positive energy. On the other hand, I sometimes wonder whether the reality is as bright as the language suggests. There is probably a cultural issue here: Ask someone from the Middle East what “cold” means and he will tell you +20° Celsius; put the same question to a Canadian and he might say –20° Celsius.

The fine line between vision and verbiage

If you hunt for typical business quotes, you will find lots of them in the videos of Exim's annual conference. ‘Vision or verbiage?’ – You can judge yourself.

We (the U.S.) are the best!
When you live in France, you can sometimes get frustrated by the negative atmosphere people create by constantly complaining about everything. This is especially true today where the French economy is in trouble.
If you feel like myself and need a push of positive energy, please go through the quotes below and just replace the U.S. with your country. It might help!

The World of Finance

The discussion about financial topics at ExIm's conference remained on a pretty basic level.

As regards possible future financial crisis, we learn that we cannot avoid them but, perhaps, have better tools today to solve them:

I don't believe regulators will have the power to foresee what the next crisis was. If they were, they wouldn't be regulators. They would be running hedge funds and making billions.
Fareed Zakaria, Television Host and Author, April 25, 2014

This problem [too big to fail] is at the heart of modern capitalism. You can't solve it. And you don't want to solve it in a sense that you want there to be big global banks that are very liquid.
Fareed Zakaria, Television Host and Author, April 25, 2014

We do have better tools today [for solving too big to fail situations in a banking crisis] than we had before.
David Wessel, The Brookings Institution, April 24, 2014

As regards financing, the speakers advise that you should only finance if the project makes sense and not just because you have liquidity.

If your ideas aren't bound by gravity, then your sales should not be bound by financing.
Fred P. Hochberg, U.S. Exim Bank, April 24, 2014

When the cost of capital goes down, everybody does stupid things.
Fareed Zakaria, Television Host and Author , April 25, 2014

Finally, capital markets financing exports seems to be a continuing trend.

We have seen, in the last five years, capital markets playing an increasingly important role in financing exports. I think we are going to see that trend continue.
Fred P. Hochberg, U.S. Exim Bank, April 25, 2014